The FIFA World Cup begins Thursday in Brazil, and the tournament’s opening ceremony will include a live performance of its official theme song “We Are One (Ole Ola)." The song’s main performer, Pitbull, took part in an ill-fated Twitter campaign on Tuesday, which encouraged people to hashtag “AskPitbull.” As is convention for these kinds of promotions, #AskPitbull quickly turned into a crowdsourced attack on your mom’s favorite rapper. 

#AskPitbull I've never met a single person that respects nor likes your music. Famous doesn't make you talented. Your response?

— Pat Austin (@DJpnasty) June 11, 2014

What made you choose the name #Pitbull over other options for your target demographic, such as 'Track-Suit' or 'Ankle-Monitor'? #AskPitbull

— TC Cornesto (@TC_Cornesto) June 11, 2014

#AskPitbull Would you care to explain the significance behind: "Mami got an ass like a donkey, with a monkey look like King Kong." Thanks.

— Tom Andrews (@CarefreeTom_182) June 11, 2014

#AskPitbull What was the thought process when writing the lyrics to "Give Me Everything" and rhyming Kodak with Kodak? Inspirational lyrics

— Stephen Mitchell (@steve_mitchel1) June 11, 2014

#AskPitbull Do you write your song lyrics by throwing a speak and spell down a flight of stairs?

— Jack Bannister (@JackBannister94) June 10, 2014

#AskPitbull How do you sleep at Night knowing that you made the worst world cup song ever?

— SatNav (@SatNavScholesy) June 10, 2014

Tomorrow night's performance features Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian artist Claudia Leitte. For more on this story, check out the video above.