What are Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant up to right now?

Last night, Jordan and Bryant—who are widely considered to be two of the best players, if not the two best players in NBA history—were spotted having dinner together at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. And the first question that popped into all of our minds when we first heard that they had grabbed dinner together was "What in the world were those two talking about in there?" Unfortunately, we didn't get a definitive answer because the two superstars left Mastro's separately and refused to answer any questions from the paparazzi who were gathered outside. But they must have been talking about something important, right? We imagine that they don't get together regularly just to catch up and swap old stories.

We'll probably never know exactly what was said while the two were chopping it up last night. But we can certainly guess what they may have talked about during the meal. So here are the 10 Things Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Might Have Discussed During Their Top Secret Dinner Meeting Last Night. How many of these actually sound plausible to you?

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