Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have quite a few things in common. They're both great basketball players. They're both incredibly savvy businessmen. And apparently, they both like steak! So last night, Jordan and Bryant grabbed some dinner at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills and talked about…

Well, truth is, we have absolutely no idea what they talked about. In fact, we're not even 100 percent sure that they actually sat down and ate at the same table. But they were both inside of Mastro's at the same time. And they did both leave—separately—at the same time. So the belief is that they had dinner together and discussed…something.

There's even this video of Kobe walking out of the restaurant, getting into his Range Rover, and driving away after the dinner:

And our favorite part of the video is definitely that, amongst all the chaos, one paparazzo takes the time to yell out "HEY, KOBE, WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE GAME OF THRONES CHARACTER?" as Kobe is driving away.

HA. Because that is what we want to know after hearing about MJ and KB sitting down for dinner.

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[via TMZ Sports]