Take a trip down memory lane as we share a crazy moment at the podium, an amazing posterization, an absolute on-court fail or a memorable shooting performance from the postseason of the National Basketball Association in This Day in NBA Playoffs History.

Prior to the 2000 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, Reggie Miller averaged 23.8 points per game on 46.6 shooting from the field during the playoffs. With the Pacers set to play the Lakers' skilled tandem of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, Miller needed to put up similar, if not better, numbers throughout the Finals. Instead, Reggie went in the polar opposite direction in Game 1, scoring seven points on...wait for it...1/16 shooting! Indiana easily lost, 104-87, to L.A., who were led by Shaq's 43-point, 19-rebound performance. 

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