Two nights ago, when Tim Duncan officially filled his hand with rings, he joined a bakers dozen of players who could say that they too have won five NBA titles.

However the elusive one, the one everyone wants to measure against, is six because every great NBA player has to be compared to Michael Jordan for some asinine reason. Many would argue that Duncan stands an excellent shot to acquire said ring next year, many everybody would argue Kobe Bryant does not.

So how does that sit with Mamba? Not well, predictably.

While in Brazil to see the World Cup, Bryant told ESPN “If you ask me if I’m okay with Tim [winning his sixth championship], I’m not. I'm not okay with that.” Was he joking? Maybe. But we're guessing no because--well--have you ever seen the man give interviews?

That being said, unless the Lakers brass is willing to take on an ass-ton of luxury taxes (Kobe makes a lot of money, lately to ride pine), we're thinking Kobe is just going to have to learn to: Deal with it.

It's not so bad Kobe, like the rest of us you'll just have to figure out how to go on, day by day. *Deep sigh*

[via Bleacher Report]