Take a trip down memory lane as we share a crazy moment at the podium, an amazing posterization, an absolute on-court fail or a memorable shooting performance from the postseason of the National Basketball Association in This Day in NBA Playoffs History.

Michael Jordan never played in a Game 7 in any of his six NBA Finals appearances. However, all but one (1991) went as far as Game 6. In 1993, the Chicago Bulls came dangerously close to a win-or-go-home Game 7 against the Suns in Phoenix after the Bulls let a 87-79 lead going into the 4th quarter slip through their fingers.

In that 4th quarter, Jordan scored all of the Bulls' nine points going into the team's final offensive possession. That's when the unlikeliest of heroes came through with a game-winning three-pointer, leaving 3.9 seconds left on the clock. In the Suns' ensuing possession, Horace Grant blocked Kevin Johnson's attempt at a floater to secure Chicago's third consecutive NBA title.     

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