With the 2014 FIFA World Cup just underway, the eyes of the world are all trained on Brazil.

In eight years’ time, might they be back on the United States? ESPN’s Jorge Ramos is reporting that FIFA is bracing to possibly move the 2022 tournament from the originally-planned host nation of Qatar:

For those not familiar with the situation, the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar has been riddled with controversy. About two weeks ago, a report in the Sunday Times confirmed what many had long suspected: that FIFA officials had accepted bribes to award the tournament to Qatar, where the temperatures in the summer can exceed 120 degrees.

When the tournament was awarded late in 2010, the United States was seen as one of the favorites to land the tournament. The 1994 World Cup in the US was a resounding success, and with its many stadiums and top-class infrastructure, America would have been a logical choice to host.

It appears that, four years later, we may finally get the solution US-based fans have been longing for.

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