Well here's some bad (as in actual bad) 2014 World Cup news. According to the Associated Press, an explosion caused by a suicide bomber in a tricycle taxi has taken place during a Brazil vs. Mexico World Cup viewing party in the northeast Nigerian town of Damaturu. Though we don't know how many causalities have taken place, the early (and unofficial) word is "a lot." As in "several pickup trucks full" being taken to Nigerian hospitals (though that presumably includes wounded survivors, as well).

If you've heard of Damaturu before, it could be because it was in the news as one of the towns that rebel group Boko Haram has attacked in recent years (the group has also used soccer viewing centers as targets in the past).

Because of this, just a few days ago Nigerian authorities advised people in the country not to watch the world's biggest soccer event in groups, even saying that those centers should be closed down. Using soccer as a means for terrorist attacks is nothing new in the country and tonight's attack seems to be a continuation of the trend.

[via AP]