Territory: Nationwide (Strongest presence in California)
Approximate membership:  2,500

When you think of outlaw motorcycle clubs, you probably think of the Hells Angels. The Hells Angels brand is so strong that they have actually become a business: The Hells Angels are incorporated in the U.S. and Canada. This corporation does things like sue the movie Wild Hogs for copyright infringement. The name recognition of the Hells Angels helps them drive recruitment; at last count the MC had 2,500 members across six continents.

Given their swelling ranks, Hells Angels are often embroiled in turf wars. The battle with the Mongols for control of California and the Outlaws for Canadian influence are just two of their numerous battles with rival MCs. Sometimes the Hells Angels even turn to infighting amongst themselves. In 1985, one Canadian chapter decided that another wasn't fit to wear the gang's colors and the unfit gang members were found floating in the St. Lawrence River.