Origin: The Australian national soccer team failed to pay a witch doctor the money they owed him
Teams/people involved: The Australian national soccer team
Year started: 1970

Bringing voodoo or shamanism into any equation is usually the recipe for bad luck, and if you need any evidence, consider the case of the Australian national soccer team. In his 2002 autobiography, former Australian footballer Johnny Warren admitted that the team consulted a witch doctor in 1970 when they were facing Rhodesia in a World Cup qualifying match in Mozambique. Apparently, the witch doctor buried bones near the goal posts and placed a curse on Australia's opponent, leading the way for Australia's 3-1 victory.

However, when the witch doctor asked for payment, the team was unable to pay up, and was subsequently cursed by the witch doctor. After a lackluster 1974 World Cup appearance in which the team failed to score a single goal, the team failed to qualify for another World Cup until 2006. And why was the curse broken? An Australian filmmaker by the name of John Safran travelled to Mozambique and hired another witch doctor to reverse the original spell. Since then, Australia hasn't missed out on a single World Cup.