Origin: A statue of Colonel Sanders was thrown into a canal
Teams/people involved: Hanshin Tigers
Year started: 1985

If Colonel Sanders seems like a strange impetus for a curse, well, that's because he is. However, many fans of the Japanese baseball team, the Hanshin Tigers, believed that the KFC mascot was responsible for all their bad luck in the Japanese baseball leagues. Why? During celebrations following the team's 1985 Japan Series victory, a statue of Colonel Sanders was thrown into a canal at the Ebisubashi Bridge. For 18 years after that event, the team finished last or second-to-last in all but two seasons. 

While the Tigers did manage to win the Central League title in 2003, they lost the Japan Series that year, effectively maintaining the curse. However, after years of repeated efforts to recover the statue, the figure was finally found in 2009 and brought up from the depths of the canal. But whether the Colonel's resurrection will have any impact on the team's fortunes remains to be seen.