Curses: they're an idea that we occasionally attribute our bad luck to but, strangely enough, you'll more often hear about them in sports than in your everyday life. If a friend happens to trip and fall or gets their car dinged up or they break-up with their girlfriend, you usually won't hear them chalk it up to a curse. However, if it's the Cleveland Browns or Kevin Durant or the Chicago Cubs that we're talking about, then everything suddenly becomes a bit more supernatural. 

Indeed, whether it's the Curse of the Bambino or the Curse of the Billy Goat, sports fans have often turned to the inexplicable when trying to figure out why their team can't win it all. When the ball went through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 World Series, it wasn't because Buckner made a mistake, it was because the Red Sox had sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees all the way back in 1918. Does it make sense? No. But, again, this is sports that we're talking about. 

Of course, there's now a new curse upon us: The Based God Curse. And with Oklahoma City center Serge Ibaka now out for the playoffs, Lil B's powers over Kevin Durant appear to grow stronger with every game. But is it the worst curse? Take a look at The Worst Curses in Sports History and find out for yourself.