Alex Kelsey, like most 21-year-old New Zealanders, wanted a rally car. Most of them deal with this desire by looking at rally cars online, some of them settle by buying then ext best thing, a Subaru WRX, and Kelsey one-upped everyone by just building himself his own bloody road-legal rally car. It took him a year and a half to design and build the machine. To put that in perspective, that's how long it takes some people to get around to building a shed from a kit.

Despite being "absolutely useless at school" he managed to take a Formula Renault engine (because it sounded cool), a Peugeot body (because it looked cool), and a ton of innovative home-made parts to create a car that can manage 0-124 mph in under seven seconds. We won't be surprised if we see more of this dude.

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[via Jalopnik]