Earlier this afternoon, Floyd Mayweather sent out this tweet indicating that he had sat down with V103's Big Tigger for a one-on-one interview about all of the things that he's been going through lately:

And the interview did not disappoint. Early on, Tigger peppered Mayweather with questions about boxing and his fight with Marcos Maidana, which is set to take place tomorrow night. But after he worked his way through that line of questioning, Tigger took things a step further and got pretty personal with Mayweather. The two talked about Mayweather's decision to reveal that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson because she had an abortion, where things stand between him and Miss Jackson today, and even the rumored relationship between Miss Jackson and Nelly. Here are the five things that we took away from the interview…

1. Mayweather originally believed that Miss Jackson had had a miscarriage and not an abortion.

Mayweather said that he actually wanted to make the miscarriage the focal point of an episode of Showtime's All Access. That is, until someone pointed out that Miss Jackson had had an abortion and not a miscarriage. Mayweather claimed that he didn't know about the abortion until that point. "I received some information that was false," he said.

2. Mayweather isn't happy about the way that his relationship with Miss Jackson played out.

At one point during the interview, Mayweather said that he was "in love with somebody I didn't know" when he was with Jackson. He said that he took care of—and still takes care of—Miss Jackson's mother. But after seeing some of the things that she has done since they broke up—for instance, selling the cars that Mayweather bought her to bring in some extra income—he doesn't feel like he ever really knew Jackson as a person. That being said, he also revealed that he still loves her on some level in spite of everything that they've gone through. 

3. Mayweather is kind of pissed at Nelly right now, even though you're definitely not going to get him to admit it.

When Tigger asked Mayweather about the rumored relationship between Nelly and Miss Jackson, Mayweather refused to come right out and take shots at him. He gave Nelly a lot of credit for doing what he did back in the rap world back in the early 2000s and said that he loves Country Grammar. But he also revealed that, before she started hanging around with him, Miss Jackson told Mayweather that Nelly once borrowed upwards of $500,000 from Ashanti. Mayweather also said that he thinks Miss Jackson is only kicking it with Nelly for the publicity that their relationship is bringing her. The interview was filled with subtle jabs in Nelly's direction.

 4. Mayweather isn't going to let all of the drama that has surrounded him this week affect him tomorrow night in the ring.

Throughout the course of the interview—in reference to himself, Miss Jackson, and Nelly—Mayweather said over and over and over again that "nobody is perfect." But towards the end of the interview, he said, "God only made one thing in this world that's perfect—and that's my boxing record." After everything that has taken place this week, we'll get to find out if that's still true tomorrow night. 

5. Mayweather is still the best in the business when it comes to promoting his fights.

Is there anyone out there right now who doesn't want to watch Mayweather/Maidana tomorrow night? If so, go back and listen to Mayweather's interview with Big Tigger again over here. Say what you want about him, but this guy is an absolute beast when it comes to promoting his fights and making you care about them (you either want to see him win or you want to see him get his brains bashed in). And regardless of whether or not you approve of the way he's going about it, he's proving once again that he's a master at promoting himself.

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[via V103]