Back in December, we told you all about how someone had stolen a Flintstones-inspired car from the World's Best Comics and Toys store in Sacramento, Calif. And it took police some time, but recently, they were finally able to track down the three teenagers who stole the vehicle. The teens—who stole the car by throwing it into the back of a pickup truck and driving away with it late one night—admitted to taking the car when they were confronted by police and were ready to make amends for it, too. But as it turned out, the owner of the comic book store did not want to press charges. All he wanted was for the teens to give him his car back and for them to do a little bit of, er, "community service."

Rather than have the cops deal with the teens, World's Best Comics owner Dave Downey asked the teens to help him make the most of the situation by dressing up as Flintstones characters Fred, Barney, and Wilma and posing outside of his store. In exchange for their time, Downey agreed to forget that the teens had stolen his car. And as you might imagine, they agreed to this arrangement in order to avoid getting into any further trouble.

You can see the three teens dressed as Flintstones characters in the video above. How bad do you feel for the guy who drew the short stick and had to dress up as Wilma? Ha.

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[via Jalopnik]