Earlier this afternoon, MLB sent out a tweet with the following scene from Yankee Stadium:

Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter—two of the greatest players of not only their generation, but all-time—hung out on the field during batting practice today and likely shared conversation about the perils of being a multi-millionaire professional athlete.

According to Manning, the actual nature of the visit was because "I came to see Derek play. Derek and I have been friends -- he's a couple years older than me, but we've been pretty much professionals at the same time. So I wanted to pay my respects and see him play for the last time."

Moving past the fact that it sounds like Manning is talking about a deceased person, he also said that he wanted to “get a good picture for my scrapbook.” This of course begs the question: who else is in the Peyton Manning scrapbook? Does it really exist? Can we see it, please?

While it would have been incredible to hear what these two future Hall of Famers discussed, we'd totally settle for a photo.

[via ESPN]