The Spurs lost to the Thunder in Game 3 of the 2014 Western Conference Finals last night. So we didn't expect Gregg Popovich to be in a good mood during his post-game press conference. Cranky? Yes. Cantankerous? Sure. Pissed off? Very likely! But funny and engaging? Nah, son.

That's exactly what he was, though. During his press conference, Popovich was asked about the health of Manu Ginobili, who had to leave the game early with an injury. And Pop responded with a lighthearted jab at the Thunder, who ruled Serge Ibaka out of the playoffs prematurely before the start of the WCF.

"He'll be fine," Popovich said when asked about Ginobili, "or he'll be out for the rest of the playoffs."

Reporters laughed and, surprisingly, Popovich continued.

"You've still got to have some fun even if you lose," he said. "Come on, it's basketball. Yeah, we wanted to win, but I want to laugh, too."

Leave it up to Coach Pop to catch us off guard when we least expect it.

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[via Sports Illustrated]