After stringing together a couple of solid performances during the Pacers/Wizards playoff series late last week and over the weekend, Roy Hibbert had another really bad game last night. He scored just four points and grabbed just two rebounds during Game 5 of the series while simulatanouesly allowing Marcin GortatMarcin Gortat!—to score 31 points and grab 16 rebounds. It was a pretty putrid performance.

And once again, Gilbert Arenas let Hibbert know just how poorly he played by posting a couple of things about him on Instagram. About a week after taking a series of shots at Hibbert on social media, Arenas started off his Tuesday night by posting this video to his IG:

And a short time later, he followed that up with this photo:

Air Bud?! Ha. Good one, Gil. We just hope you don't ever end up in a dark alley with Hibbert. Because something tells he probably doesn't appreciate you going in on him on a regular basis.

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