It's been just more than a month into the 2014 MLB season, and there are really only a few standout teams so far. Milwaukee, San Francisco, and Colorado have all been cleaning up early on, while last year's World Series participants, the Red Sox and the Cardinals, are only a collective one game above .500 so far. And that's not the only issue the Red Sox have had this season. There was a report a couple months ago about the Sox parking possibly being taken away by the mayor (close Yanks fan?). And for these players with millions of bucks, who buy a bunch of cars, that's a problem! Where is David Ortiz supposed to put his Rolls-Royce?

Luckily, not all players have as many cars as Mr. Ortiz, and most of them certainly don't park their rides at the stadiums where they play. See who the elite MLB players are in the whip game with these 10 Impressive MLB Car Collections.

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