What would you do if you "beat" Manny Pacquiao the way Timothy Bradley did? Would you stand up with a sense of dignity, fiercely smack the belt they're awarding you away and go, "No! I will stand up up for justice and decline being crowned in this travesty. GOOD DAY SIR!"

Well, Bradley didn't know quite what to do in what was frankly an unfair and awkward situation for him. The undefeated boxer had to listen to fans eviscerate him for accepting the victory when he couldn't even stand—he broke his foot that match and was in a wheelchair in the post-match conference. Instead of celebrating, the whole situation actually left him depressed, according to a Sports Illustrated story:

Members of his team describe a man in the throes of a deep depression. After he recovered, Bradley showed little interest in going to the gym. He ballooned to 185 pounds, a staggering weight for a fighter who routinely keeps himself in top shape. He didn’t return phone calls or text messages.

Again, it's a shame since the whole controversy doesn't fall squarely on Bradley. However, it's on him to legitimize himself in the rematch tonight.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]