Late last Saturday night, someone broke into a Chevrolet car dealership in the Dallas area and made off with the heist of a lifetime. But curiously, they didn't steal a single vehicle. Rather, the thief—who is still on the loose—made off with a bunch of tires and rims. Lots and lots and lots of tires and rims.

The theft took place sometime between 9 p.m. on Saturday and 7 a.m. on Sunday when someone cut a lock on the gated entrance to the Reliable Chevrolet dealership and shut off all of the lights on the lot. The criminal then started removing Continental and Goodyear tires and rims from pickup trucks on the lot, leaving the pickups up on blocks when they were finished. In total, 33 trucks were stripped of more than $150,000 worth of tires and rims in the robbery. The surveillance cameras that are set up in the lot didn't capture any footage of the crime, though, and no one saw it take place.

How in the world didn't anyone see someone taking 132 tires off trucks in the middle of the night? We have no idea. But we bet Reliable wishes they would have had a reliable security guard on duty that night, especially when you consider that this is not the first time a Texas dealership has had a bunch of tires stolen this year. Damn.

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[via The Dallas Morning News]