Over the years, we've seen quite a few pro athletes take part in pro wrestling. However, in most cases, they haven't stuck with it for more than one or two weeks. They typically make an appearance at a Monday Night RAW, show up for a pay-per-view event, and then disappear. But it sounds like Shawne Merriman is going to be different.

Late last year, we told you all about how Merriman was training to become a WWE fighter. And now, his idea to wrestle might actually be coming to fruition. Because according to reports, he's preparing to join the WWE sometime in the very near future and will likely become a mainstay within the organization.

It's unclear what Merriman's role will be. Some have said he's going to serve as an announcer, while others have hinted that he might announce and then transition into taking part in matches. So we'll just have to hang tight to see exactly what he does once he joins the WWE, assuming it actually ends up happening.

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[via Eye on Football]