We've already reported that Saleen was working on a tuned Tesla Model S, and while that was initially surprising, we really do think it fits the bill. Saleen has always been about making extreme versions of some of America's coolest performance cars, and the Model S is clearly one of America's coolest performance cars. It's the technological marvel that finally made electric cars fun, fast, and practical. 

Now we know what that car will look like. Gone is the Model S' sense of understatement, as it has been replaced with sheer aggression. Given that it will also feature a number of performance upgrades, we simply can't wait to see how beastly this thing is. Hopefully the range doesn't suffer too much.

The best part is the paint name though: "Orange County Orange." Be sure to click the magnifying glass to check out the high res image and all the new cosmetic features of the Model S.


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[via Saleen