Mark your calendars because this June 29th the Single-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals is turning back the clocks to 1994 by sporting jerseys inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Where's this going down? State College, Pennsylvania. You probably know it as the home of Penn St.

During the game you'll have a chance to buy the jerseys in an auction. While your current location may force you to wait for an eBay posting, fans who actually make the pilgrimage will be greeted by the big man himself: Will Smith!

No--wait--scratch that.

Sorry if we got your hopes up. What we meant was: Alfonso Ribeiro. That's right "Carlton" himself will be on hand to field your photo requests and give you something to spice up your Instagram accounts.

The revelation of this news definitely gives us something to look forward to this summer.

[via Sporting News]