First things first: We do not condone stealing cars. There are some people out there who get away with it, but the majority of car thieves get caught and thrown into jail for doing it. But if you're going to do it anyway, don't do it by stealing a car from a dealership! Because you're basically just asking to get thrown behind bars.

That's exactly what 23-year-old Trevor M. Onar allegedly attempted to do in Fishers, Ind. on Thursday, though. He had his eye on a Porsche Cayenne SUV. So he went to a local dealership, got behind the wheel of it, and stole it right in front of an employee. He also hit another employee on the way out of the dealership's parking lot. And before long, police spotted him and attempted to pull him over. They were unsuccessful. But a short time later, they found the Porsche sitting unattended in a Target parking lot. And after a brief search, they were able to locate Onar—inside of the Target in a men's restroom.

Onar was arrested and is now facing auto theft, battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting law enforcement charges. Even worse: He's also suspected in another car theft in the area and may be charged for crimes associated with that as well. So as you can see, stealing a car is not a good idea. And this guy is walking proof of that.

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[via Fox 59]