There's been multiple alleged reasons behind DeSean Jackson's departure from the Eagles; Gang ties, selfish behavior, and bumping heads with head coach Chip Kelly are a few of them. His now-former teammate LeSean McCoy thinks the latter two reasons are false, according to a story on

McCoy wasn't sure if his teammates were happy that the Pro Bowl receiver is gone. He also said he never saw Jackson fighting with Kelly.

Don't ask McCoy about why Jackson got dropped by the Eagles. He's not looking too much into it either: "I can't answer that. I'm just a regular player, I don't know why." McCoy maintained he was cool with Jackson outside of the field.

McCoy also said Kelly wasn't at fault in Jackson's departure either: "He's honest. He likes hard work. "And he's respectful...I think people are getting the wrong picture— 'oh, he's cut one of his best players'— I don't think it's that. I think it's just that was a decision they made." Regardless of the reason, Jackson is going to be the Eagles' problem twice a year.

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