It’s safe to say that Jaguar built an absolute gem in the form of the F-Type. The car looks gorgeous, but most importantly it sounds unbelievable. The folks over at WorldSupercars took a Bentley Continental GT, Audi S5 Cabriolet, and an F-Type V6 S on a heavenly tour of some of Monte Carlo’s finest roads. Bask in the glory of that guttural exhaust note.

The $69,000 F-Type V6 S sports a supercharged 3.0L mill, resulting in a 340-horsepower howl at an ear-ringing 6500rpm. We try to keep the generalizations at a minimum, but if that sound doesn’t leave you a bit weak in the knees and a bit drooly at the mouth, you might want to find another interest. Perhaps knitting.

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