Back in 2004, the UConn men's and women's basketball teams did something that had never been done before. Within just one 24-hour span, both Huskies teams won their respective NCAA national championships, making UConn the first school in the history of college basketball to win titles in both the men's and the women's NCAA Tournament in the same year. It was an amazing feat and, quite frankly, it was something that we never thought we would see again. It's hard enough for a school to win one NCAA basketball title. So two in the same year? Nah. 2004 was the ultimate fluke.

Or was it? As you've probably seen and heard by now, it just happened again. In somewhat of a surprise, the No. 7-seeded Huskies won the men's 2014 NCAA Tournament by knocking off the Kentucky Wildcats on Monday night. And in less shocking news, the UConn women's team beat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish last night to give UConn the first "double-double" in NCAA Tournament history. It's an impressive accomplishment to say the least.

It got us to thinking, though: Since both the men's and women's teams have been so damn good for UConn over the course of the last decade, which of them has actually been better? To try and find out, we took a look at everything from the number of championships that each of them has won in the last 10 years to the number of pro players that they've produced. So who reigns supreme in Husky Land? Let's get to Comparing the Success of the UConn Men's and Women's Basketball Teams Since 2004 to find out…

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