What happened in the final few minutes of the last two Sweet 16 matches was a bit much to digest. Let's allow veteran commentator Dick Vitale use his wisdom to break it down for us:

Oh, very well then. What happened Friday night was a bit hard to explain though. Basically, NCAA Basketball hit us with a mixture of insanity and cruelty by scheduling the tumultuous Kentucky-Louisville match and the  Michigan State-Virginia game at the same time. Both came down to the wire, which meant fans had to struggle with switching the channel and keeping their heads from exploding. So we had two great basketball games and a huge crisis on our hands.

Just how big of a crisis was it? Los Angeles got hit with a magnitude-5.1 earthquake during the game, even though one had hit Southern California just last week.

It made poor Arian Foster's sandwich fall over. Hasn't he had it rough enough already?

This is disastrous! How's the Texans' running back going to get his nutrition?

Phew, close call. Kind of like the game. Hopefully Foster enjoyed that sandwich of symbolism and was a little bit less stressed out than the rest of Twitter:

Civilization didn't crumble, however. Kentucky gave Pitino his first Sweet 16 loss in a 74-69 game. Michigan State edged out Virginia, 61-59.

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