Last week, someone stole Michelle Kwan's Toyota Prius from her while it was parked outside of her house in Providence, R.I. Her husband, politician Clay Pell, left the keys inside the car after he was done driving it when they fell in between the seats. And a few hours later, someone jumped in and made off with the car. But wait, the story gets worse!

Fortunately, Kwan has car insurance, so she'll be able to get a new car if the police are unable to recover her Prius. But unfortunately, Kwan had a number of items in the car when it was stolen that cannot be recovered. And one of those items was a hockey stick that was autographed by none other than Wayne Gretzky. The stick, which could be worth anywhere from $800 to $10,000, is pretty much untraceable at this point and, unless the person who stole the car ditched it without rummaging through the stuff inside first, Kwan probably isn't going to get it back.

So we have to ask: Which item is Kwan more upset about losing—the Prius or The Great One's autograph? Hmmm…Tough one.

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