Reach for the stars and if you fall you land on the clouds, right? It's good advice, but it's something the Oakland Raiders are obviously not following after ending their season by getting blown out by the Broncos (who broke records in that game).

These are the quarterbacks the Raiders are trying to get in order of priority, according to ESPN:

  • Matt Schaub, who set the NFL record for most consecutive games with a pick six (four)
  • Mark Sanchez, a buttfumbler who could not stop turning over the ball before his shoulder injury barred him from playing last year.
  • Michael Vick, who's constantly injured and lost his job to Nick Foles (who tied a record on none other than the Raiders)
  • Josh Freeman, who lost his starting quarterback job at Tampa Bay to become a backup for the Vikings.

Freeman and Vick are the two unrestricted free agents and the other two haven't been released from their teams yet. Oakland is probably the only organization that's just dying to know if is can make a push for Schaub's legendary accuracy.

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[via ESPN]