The Honda Civic Type R has always been a forbidden fruit to Americans, but we have at least been able to sate our thirst on cars like the Civic Si and the Mazdaspeed3. This new CTR, however, is something else. It's rocking a 280 hp engine and a massive and ridiculous wing that blends just enough into the roofline to not be completely obnoxious. 

Because the new CTR is so cool, a virtuous man named Nikos Stoufis has taken to to end “the discrimination against our market,” citing Honda's founder, Soichiro Honda's famous quote: “Without racing, there is no Honda.” While the CTR might not be a race car, it does have a race car's spirit.

So if you want to see the CTR on out shores, sign this petition, even though it probably won't make a lick of difference. There's no reason not to try though. 

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