The van has always been the ideal hauler of things, and now it can haul things even further. Mercedes has announced it will offer a 2015 Sprinter 4x4: big news for deliverymen in the Rocky Mountains.

We jest, but in actuality this is a capable setup. The Sprinter 4x4 will offer its all-weather capability in both short and long-wheelbase models; including the Passenger Van, Crew Van, and Cargo Van layouts. Mercedes packs its big 3.0L BlueTEC clean-diesel for the Sprinter 4x4, which is good for 188-horsepower and 325 lb-ft. of torque.

But calling it a 4x4 is somewhat of a stretch. The push-button system engages an all-wheel-drive architecture, sending power to both front and rear axles. It doesn’t feature a transfer case like its truck counterparts, but Mercedes has included a low range gear to help with difficult conditions.

Regardless of its capability, buy one for its good looks. Nothing will make an entrance quite like a jacked-up 4x4 Mercedes van. If only Ford would debut a four-wheel-drive variant of the Transit Connect. Imagine an off-road van racing series. Somebody make this happen!

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[via Mercedes]