Not everybody likes surprises, but we think we’ve found a welcome surprise that everyone can enjoy. Maserati snuck this gorgeous Alfieri Concept into the Geneva Motor Show last night, and we think it looks terrific.

It’s been known for a while that Maserati has been planning a vehicle for the bottom of the range, and this 2+2 hatchback could potentially be it. The concept bears its name in honor of Alfieri Maserati, one of the founding brothers of the company, and was designed at the Maserati Centro Stile in Turin, Italy. It hearkens to the expansive grand touring history that the company has created, with cues from the 3500 GT, 5000 GT, and the 1969 Indy. If you still don’t believe Maserati is on the upswing, think again.

Underneath the hood is a 4.7L V8, producing 460-horsepower and 384 lb.-ft. of torque, meshed to a six-speed transmission. The interior is minimally styled, featuring attractive blue and white accents, as well as a mixture of aluminum and copper elements. According to company sources, the concept was designed to be 100 percent functional, hopefully hinting at an approaching production advent.

However, no such production date has been given, but sources hint that it could come sooner than you might think. We’ll wait patiently as long as this thing eventually comes to fruition.

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[via Maserati]

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