Winning a game in the NCAA Tournament makes players and coaches do crazy things, doesn't it?

On Thursday, the Dayton Flyers turned their locker room into a mosh pit after they knocked off the Ohio State Buckeyes. On Friday, Mercer guard Kevin Canevari did the Nae Nae after the Bears knocked off the Duke Blue Devils. And last night, after a pretty epic matchup between the Iowa State Cyclones and the North Carolina Tar Heels, Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg broke out a few of his best dance moves in his team's locker room. And fortunately, the CBS cameras caught Hoiberg in the act.

Shortly after he realized that everyone was watching him dance on TV, Hoiberg sent a text to his teenage daughter to apologize for his dancing:

But he also also responded to his son on Twitter after he said that his dad had "the worst dance moves of all time":


Er, okay, coach. Just don't quit your day job!

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[via For The Win]