Transitioning from a college student to a real adult person can be tough. No one owes you a job, and you gotta convince a company that forking money your way won't be regrettable. These recent grads should be able to let their fan-made Tesla ad do all the talking. 

"Modern Spaceship" is the first production made by EVERDREAM, the content agency the grads formed. It features a young child pretending to fly a spaceship before stumbling upon his father's Tesla Model S. The electric car turns out to be a better toy, with its automatic door handles, sleek interior, and space drawing placed behind the steering wheel. The kid gets lost in the moment as some wicked CGI space scenes appear in the windshield. When dad shows up you think he's about to play Buzz Killington, but nah, he's down to play, too. 

Tesla showed love and tweeted the video. Now offers should be pouring into EVERDREAM, and we wouldn't be surprised if Tesla itself wants to make moves. Learn from these grads. Well-made content will help you more than any resume or cover letter.  

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[via @TeslaMotors