Many tuners and car customizers do indeed improve on the cars they're modifying, but many others just make what was once a nice car into a tasteless mess or turn an engine into an unreliable money pit. This is why tuning seems to be so much more successful on cheaper sports cars like the Scion FR-S and the Ford Mustang.

Nobody thinks to mess with a McLaren P1, because every single aspect of it was meticulously designed to be a the height of modern technology. Modifying it would be like if the conductor of a small town chamber orchestra decided that Mozart's 23rd Piano Concerto could use a few modifications.

FAB Design has decided to take on the task of "improving" the P1 and will show off the result at the Geneva motor show next week. We shudder in anticipation. In the mean time, feast your eyes on the McLaren P1 as God Ron Dennis intended.

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[via GT Spirit