Back in July 2012, former boxing champion Antonio Tarver reportedly went on a gambling binge at the Wynn Las Vegas that saw him blow through $200,000 in a matter of just four days. And he didn't do it using his money. Instead, he used gambling markers that were given to him by the Wynn—and never paid them back. So according to TMZ Sports, that binge just got him into big trouble.

Recently, the Wynn Las Vegas filed a lawsuit against Tarver alleging that he still owes them $200,000. And Tarver allegedly failed to show up for a court hearing regarding the lawsuit. So over the weekend, he was arrested in Florida on a warrant that stems from Nevada. And while the charges against Tarver were vague, the Wynn's lawsuit against him is believed to be the reason why he got busted.

You can check out Tarver's mugshot in the thumbs gallery above. He is currently being held in a Clearwater, Fla. jail on $215,425 bail.

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[via TMZ Sports]