After playing just two games with the Pacers, Andrew Bynum has been ruled out indefinitely (again!) with knee soreness. But does that mean that he doesn't have to hang out with his Indiana teammates at halftime during games?

Apparently, it does. Because during last night's Bulls/Pacers game, Bynum's barber posted a photo on Instagram. And it seemed to indicate that Bynum got a haircut at halftime:

"You know what it is," wrote @devanthehairtech, who has also given haircuts to Pacers players Paul George and Solomon Hill. "Cut the homie Pacer Center Andrew Bynum up at halftime of game. Real good dude, good convo…"

Wait, but shouldn't he be focused on the game at half…Oh, nevermind. This is Andrew Bynum we're talking about. He won't be playing for awhile anyway. So carry on…

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[via Black Sports Online]