How much faith do you have in Peyton Manning? About $100,000 worth against the Legion of Boom a.k.a. the NFL's No. 1 defense? Eh, maybe about $50 and perhaps—a strong perhaps—a DVD of season four of The Wire. Legend Warren Sapp might have overwagered a little bit in his bet with Rick Ross, which is a bet that's on TMZ's video, on the minds of the witnesses who saw the bet, and on Ross' Twitter:

Now, Ross is pretty well off at an estimated $28 million net worth if the Broncos win and costs him $100,000. It's Sapp who should be sweating. The Hall of Famer has filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and auctioned off his collection of Nike shoes in 2013. Sapp ought to be praying the Diddy prayer: "Peyton, please protect me from brokeness."

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[via TMZ]