During last night's 120-95 rout by the Oklahoma City Thunder against the Brooklyn Nets, it was probably easy to switch off into autopilot, but if you happened to do that, you probably missed an interesting tidbit of information from Jeff Van Gundy. “I think he’s going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher this year,” Van Gundy said. “I’m being serious. I’ve heard from sources in Houston — seriously — that he’s throwing over 90 miles per hour.” Cue the collective "what?!?" 

Van Gundy went on to say that McGrady planning on joining the independent team, Sugar Land Skeeters, who actually signed a 50-year-old Roger Clemens in 2012. So, stay tuned, you may be seeing T-Mac take the mound this summer. That's sure to be one hell of a draw. 

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[via For The Win]