Thieves will steal anything these days. Over the past weekend, criminals with substantial cojones stole 88 wheels and tires from the DeMontrond Chevrolet dealership in Texas City, Texas. The missing footwear was stolen from cars and trucks parked on the dealer lot after the facility closed on Saturday night. 

The crooks pried the locks off of the dealership gates, cut the flood lights, and stole the wheels; leaving vehicles sitting high and dry on wooden blocks. Some of the vehicles reportedly fell off the blocks, and caused damaged to both frame and suspension components. 

Although very unusual, this isn’t the first time this heinous crime has occurred in Texas. Just 200 miles away, 48 sets of wheels and tires (valued at over $100,000) were stolen from vehicles at a Mac Haik dealership, in Georgetown, Texas.

Police will undoubtedly be going over security footage but might have a better shot by checking Craigslist. Somebody is obviously sitting on a bunch of GM rubber and might be looking to sell cheap. So, if you stumble across 22 sets of cheap OEM Camaro wheels for sale online – they’re genuine. But really, don’t buy them.

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[via KHOU-TV]