Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest gambling days of the year. Last year, $98.93 million was generated in gambling in the state of Nevada alone. This year, with the No. 1 offense of the Denver Broncos taking on the No. 1 defense of the Seattle Seahawks, the Broncos find themselves as a 2.5 point favorite in the Meadowlands. Weather will be a factor. Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson will be factors. The remarkably tough Seattle secondary comprised of Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, and Walter Thurmond will be a factor. But what are you willing to bet on? More specifically, what are you willing to bet on that is actually interesting? It gets a little boring to place your money on trivial stuff like sacks or the first person to score a touchdown, doesn't it? Isn't anyone out there wondering if what part the polar vortex will play in the game? You know that Winter Storm Leon isn't about to let Super Bowl XLVIII go off without a hitch.

With questions like this in mind, we put together a list of the Most Ridiculous Super Bowl Prop Bets. Get your wallets out, and get ready for the game. If you don't have a stake in this match-up, then this is a quick and easy way to get invested.  

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