How much would you pay for a silver medal from the 2006 Winter Olympics? A million dollars? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. How about…no!

That's what Canadian speedskater Anouk Leblanc-Boucher is reportedly asking for the silver medal that she won in the 3,000-meter speedskating relay back in 2006, though. She's currently selling the skates she wore in Turin in 2006 for $7,000 through a site called Kijiji. But she also says that she would be willing to part ways with her silver medal for $1 million, because she wants to make a return to the Olympics in 2018 in South Korea.

"I actually want to do a comeback and actually come back for South Korea," she said. "I'm going to need some funding, and I don't want to worry about money. I just want to train."

So who wants it? Lolo Jones? Someone from the U.S. women's hockey team? ANYONE AT ALL?!?

We doubt it. Good luck, Anouk.

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[via National Post]