Even if you're not a Knicks fan or know much about what Raymond Felton does (which isn't much), you can conclude the man above—who is Felton—is of the husky body type. If you do, stop thinking that! You're hurting Felton's feelings. The guard was in his feelings about people calling him fat, accoring to a Newsday article:

I had one year when I was out of shape, now everybody wants to talk about my weight every year. It’s kind of getting old. It’s kind of getting on my nerves that that’s all you want to talk about. Don’t make no excuses for me.

If you want to say that I’m not making shots, I’m not doing something as far as basketball, then do that. Stop trying to attack my weight all the time. I had one year that I was out of shape. That was it.

If only there was something positive to talk about when it comes to the Knicks beside Carmelo Anthony. Maybe last night's game against the Magic? Oh wait, nevermind... 

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[via Newsday]