One minute and 35 seconds. That's all it took for ESPN New York radio host Michael Kay to make his first big splash on the YES Network.

On Monday, Kay's radio show The Michael Kay Show replaced Mike Francesa's radio show on YES, and Kay let it be known that YES is now his network by opening up his show with a shot at Francesa. Kay didn't call him out by name, though. He also didn't reference his show. Rather, he picked up a bottle of Diet Coke—Francesa was frequently seen drinking Diet Coke on his show—and threw it into a garbage can that was held up by his co-host Don La Greca. And with that, he ushered in a new era at YES and pissed Francesa off in the process.

Newsday's Neil Best asked Francesa about the shot later, and Francesa didn't pull any punches while responding to Kay:

Yikes. We think it's safe to say that this is not over. If Kay wanted a war, it sounds like he's going to get one.

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