Instead of waiting around for the second gen Acura NSX, why don't you just print your own? Honda is letting people download the NSX concept blueprints for free, as well as four other concept cars from its past. The only things standing in the way of streets full of free NSXs is how expensive 3D printing is right now. 

We won't call this a huge deal because few people can and will print out a car. But as more people gain access to 3D printers, the ability to print cars will mark another holy-shit-this-is-the-future moment. Giving away the blueprints for free can be an afterthought now, but we doubt Honda, or any other car manufacturer, is going to be as kind when 3D printing becomes commonplace. Enjoy the free blueprints while you can right here. Capitalism won't let this last forever. 

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[via Auto Guide

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