This past Sunday the Seattle Seahawks danced all over the Denver Broncos, to the tune of 43-8. After the game the Hawks locker room became the center of media attention, and while Marshawn Lynch still wasn’t prepared to give any sound bites to reporters, he did continue the celebrations by dancing around for several minutes on his own. Beast Mode didn’t exactly go Fred Astaire on us, but he did get us thinking about how athletes love to feel the beat both on and off the field of play. Whether it be the purest form of celebration or just having a good time with some music, athletes, like the rest of us, love to bust a move. There’s no doubt some pros are better dancers than others, as you’ll soon see, but time has shown that no matter where or when, sometimes all you need to do is dance. From Danny Green jumping around in Chapel Hill to Michigan State feeling some type of way after their heroic Rose Bowl victory, pump up the volume and check out, A Brief History of Athletes Getting Their Groove On.

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Written by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)