The 1990s may be fading from memory, but for NBA fans, they represent some of the best days in league history. For all of the sluggish, ugly ball played by the Heat and Knicks, there were also all-time greats like Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon still in the primes of their careers and still making incredible plays.

Not only did the old mainstays continue to dominate, but new faces began to emerge throughout the decade. Players like Grant Hill, Kobe Bryant, and Allen Iverson began to pop up on the highlight reels as the decade went along, ushering in a new generation of stars who would be entertaining fans for years to come.

It also helped that the NBA began to see increased TV exposure, meaning that fans now had more access than ever to their favorite players and teams. All the amazing buzzer-beaters and dunks became widely available to basketball fans across the globe, with the NBA taking its first steps into becoming the international phenomenon it is today.

Thanks to all the coverage, fans have had a chance to document pretty much every big play that happened during the decade. Here are the 50 Greatest NBA Plays of the '90s.