There's absolutely no shame in owning a cheap car. Cheap cars are a necessity of a small budget, and having a big budget takes time, luck, and sometimes even skill. What is shameful, is thinking that the solution to not having a cool car is to graft a poor facsimile of an exotic onto your modest car. The pope would not approve.

This is — we think  a Mitsubishi Eclipse (Okay, that is shameful) but covered with a really sad fake Bugatti body. Even if the driver is chilling out at a meeting for people with terrible eyesight who have a religious prohibition from using corrective lenses, they still won't be fooled when the slow black blur pulls away in the not-roar of limp four cylinder.

So the moral of our story is, just buy a cheap car that isn't an Eclipse and nobody will make fun of you on the internet.

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[via Lamborghini adictos